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Nick Chitty

Hearing Care



          Ear Wax Clinic

    Microsuction Specialist


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As it happens, your ear is a very clever organ, with the unique capability to protect, renew and care for itself; however, sometimes your ear needs a helping hand...and not one with a cotton bud attached to it.


Did you know that one of the most common causes of hearing loss is in fact caused by wax build up - and ironically, that wax build up is caused by peoples efforts to try and remove the wax with cotton buds or ear candles.


Here at my sound clinic in Ilfracombe North devon, I can not only show you a unique image of the inside of your ear, but I can also remove any wax build up in a simple, pain free procedure - which could help you to recover from a major hearing loss in just one simple appointment. Just contact me at the Hearing Centre for a  consultation.

            Nicks top Tip

If  you think you have an ear wax problem or

you suddenly notice your hearing is down

Please, please, don't use a cotton bud to clear it

give Nick a call for an  Ear wax examination







 07557 053157

07557 053157

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