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Nick Chitty

Hearing Care



About Nick Chitty






Nick is a multi award winning Audiologist who has spent the last 30 years working in the Hearing profession . Besides lots of letters after his name, Nick has corrected the hearing of hundreds of people - from his own father to Oscar winning actors. Patients travel from around the world to seek Nicks help


and what does he do?

As a registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, and ReSound partner, Nick can not only diagnose your hearing loss using his state of the art sound clinic, he can also advise on the best solution to help you recover some, if not all of your hearing.


But, I'm not sure if I have a hearing loss...shouldnt I just go to my doctor ?

Many people ask Nick the same question, which is why you can call him directly (not a call centre in sight!) and book A hearing check. He'll offer you a comprehensive hearing check, and he'll even check your ear health and offer you the opportunity to see deep inside your ear canal to check whats causing your hearing loss.


and then what happens?

At each stage, Nick will take the time to sit down with you and explain all your options, so that you are well informed and can make your own decision about what to do next.


Hang on.....I recognise Nick....

Yes, you probably do. Nick was highly commended  running in the prestigious Audiologist of the Year title 3 years in a row, and was a popular feature on BBC Radio Oxford. Outside of his day to day  work, Nick was humbled by the opportunity to represent Great Britain at two World F3K Model Gliding Championships, And Nick also is a world record Hang glider Pilot  when he's not saving the worlds hearing, one ear at a time, you can find him on a hill near you!



07557 053157

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