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It's always disappointing to see new patients come in with hearing aids they have paid a lot of there hard earned money for that haven't been serviced properly. At Nicks dedicated center we have equipment specifically designed to not only deep clean hearing aids but with a proper care plan will increase the life of a hearing system. At Nick Chitty Hearing Care  all hearing aids are stripped to their component parts where possible.

Using a high power microscope Nick will  micro suction any debris that may have built up in all those nooks and crannies a patient can't get to. Whilst also checking for any corrosion that may be on the battery contacts. When all microphones, receivers, acoustic horns, battery contacts have been cleaned. The hearing aid is then placed in a vacuum chamber for 4 minutes  to remove moisture which has built up due to the humid environment the device lives in. This is especially important for small custom built hearing aids.


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