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Micro behind the ear

Custom in the ear

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An app that makes a difference


Depend on your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to keep track of your life?  Now there is

an app that lets you control your hearing aids too. Scan the QR code with your iPhone or other mobile device to go directly to the App Store or to Google Play and download. Or simply tap or click one of the badges to go directly to download.

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With all sounds audible and perfectly balanced, you get a more natural sense of what’s going on around you. You know which sounds are loudest, how close they are, and where they come from. So you can react and respond naturally to what you want to hear.


When you have full awareness, you have a much greater ability to focus on voices and other sounds you want to hear. Even in very difficult listening situations, like having a conversation in a noisy restaurant.


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Invisibly comfortable design

ReSound  is anatomically crafted to fit your ear’s natural shape. It sits virtually invisible in your ear – perfect for those who wear glasses. And its discreet, intuitive design is so comfortable you may forget you’re even wearing it.Insert body text here ...